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conveyor belt repair materials

There are several types of conveyor belt repair materials, including patches, coatings, and liners. In addition, some manufacturers offer kits for complete repair solutions. Some of these kits include all-in-one materials that allow for quick repairs, such as EZ Fix Max. EZ Fix is a strong adhesive with a good working time and is a ready-to-use caulking gun. The company also offers a line of lubricants and accessories to maintain conveyor belts and prevent damage.

How to Choose Types of Conveyor Belt Repair Materials

Cold-curing cement: This product combines a base compound and curing agent. Once applied to the damaged area, it hardens and forms a permanent bond with the surface. This material is used when vulcanization is not possible because of space constraints. Because it takes several hours to dry, it is only a temporary solution for conveyor belts with a low elasticity. For these reasons, a maintenance manager should only use a cold-curing cement if immediate replacement is not possible.

The cold-curing cement is a two-part polyurethane repair material. The first part of the compound is a cold-vulcanizing resin, which reacts with the surface. It can be applied on most surfaces, but it is not recommended for horizontal surfaces. It will not set up in an instant, but it can set up in as little as 24 hours. Nevertheless, the second component is a BL coat, which will help keep the repaired area in place for the entire day.

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