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Located at the heart of the Midwest, Omaha warehouse is a hub for industry. The city was the home of the first railroad and is still an important port, with many companies based in Omaha including Fortune 500 firms such as Berkshire Hathaway and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska as well as banks, insurance companies and other large financial institutions. Omaha has a growing tech sector and is known for being a good place for start-ups to launch their businesses.

What do you mean by warehouse?

In addition to manufacturing and transportation industries, the city was also a leading food warehouse from its earliest years. The city’s early success as a warehousing center drew business such as meat packing, stockyards and regional brewing companies. Warehouses were located next to the river, drawing in goods from steamboats coming upriver from the East and distributing them via trains to smaller markets in the Midwest.

The city has a number of notable buildings, including the Freedom Center at the Omaha World-Herald building and the BNSF Railway passenger train station. It is also the home of the infamous Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge that crosses the Missouri River and connects Nebraska and Iowa and the headquarters of Fortune 500 company Mutual of Omaha.

Omaha is a leader in the farm-to-table movement and many restaurants use locally grown ingredients to create innovative culinary creations. Restaurants such as Gather, Big Green Q, Kitchen Table and the Inner Rail Food Hall are just a few of the highlights. There are also numerous grocery stores that specialize in the region’s bounty of fresh produce and meat.

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