The Best Credit Card Reader For iPhone – Android Revealed

The Best Credit Card Reader

In the past, business owners were not fans of credit card payments because they had to take care of fees and they had to buy expensive hardware and software. Thanks to the rapid progress in the field of technology, business owners can now purchase affordable credit card readers. They are inexpensive and the fees are more than reasonable. What’s great is that you can actually turn almost any mobile device into a credit card reader with the help of apps. In this article, we will analyze the best credit card reader for iPhone – Android.


First of all, you’ve got Square. This is a well-established mobile card reader with a dedicated app. The app is easy to use and quite an eye candy. It comes with a minimalistic design that allows users to take order easily and quickly. The fee is around 2.75% which is great. Keep in mind that this application is available to both Android and iOS users.

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PayPal Here

The list continues with a well-known brand. The popular electronic payment process PayPal has created a mobile credit card solution known as PayPal Here. With its help, you can integrate a PayPal debit card and the PayPal account. In the end, you are getting a solution that lets you take in-person payments and manage your online store too. The special app comes with a myriad of useful features. For instance, you can use a GPS signal to get new buyers who are looking for local stores. This is an ideal solution for those who have PayPal stores. This solution works great on iOS and Android devices.


It’s good to know that Dwolla is a virtual account that allows you to receive payments. So, the application by Dwolla is not a real register. This is simply a personal way to create an account and analyze transactions.


PayAnywhere is a product of North American Bancard. It provides a great mobile solution and a POS solution to businesses of all sizes. The application itself has a minimalistic design. It comes with a well-developed sale system and menu, precise inventory management and more. Obviously, it lets you process credit card payments easily too. With fees that don’t go above 2.7%, PayAnywhere is another excellent option for new and well-established businesses.

Take these suggestions into account whenever you are looking for card reader options for Android and iOS.