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It’s a common misconception that all products that fail are bad. While new products are often innovative, they are also prone to failure. A new product can revolutionize an industry, but if consumers don’t think it’s good enough for them, it will be a failure. Unfortunately, history is littered with failed products, some of which are cringe-worthy while others were way ahead of their time.

How to Select 50 Examples of Failed Products

failed products

A failed product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad product, but it’s a poor example of a successful product. A good example of a failed product is the coffee-flavoured Coke that was introduced to the market far too early. Its coffee flavour was perceived as feminine, and it failed to catch on. A popular example of a once-great invention is the Virtual Boy, a VR headset released by Nintendo in 1995.

The infamous coffee-flavoured Coke that was introduced in the United States was a failure, despite the fact that it was intended for women. Another example of a failed product is the Crystal Pepsi soda that aimed to change the brand’s image and became too pale, and too glitzy. One popular failed product is the Virtual Boy, which was a gaming headset developed by Nintendo in 1995 and ultimately failed after two months of release.

If you’re planning to launch a new product, it’s always smart to start small. If your idea has no marketability, you won’t be successful. That’s why most businesses experience some form of product failure. Here are 50 examples of failed products, some of which are hilarious and some that are just plain utterly unnecessary. There’s a reason why the toothpaste maker Colgate got into the food business in 1982: their product has become synonymous with dental fluoride.

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